Restaurant cuisines, delivered

KASPA kitchens span multiple locations across Sydney, delivering premium cuisines from our many brands.

Proprietary Delivery First Menu

Before opening our first KASPA kitchen, we spent years perfecting our proprietary "Delivery First Menu" by combining science, art, food technology and cooking techniques to ensure that delivery did not compromise taste and premium quality for our customers.

Technology & Community First

We believe that prioritising our kitchen technology and community are one in the same.

Our proprietary kitchen technology makes cooking premium restaurant cuisines both fast, ensuring quick delivery, and efficient, ensuring that we can scale our kitchen production, locations and teams and hire Australian's with no working experience, or even english skills.

KASPA kitchen technology gives opportunities to those in the community ignored by other employers.

KASPA offers members of the local community their first opportunity at a stable, high paying work, with guaranteed career development, all whilst our food remains at the highest quality and best taste in the delivery market.

We are kaspa - We’re Kaspa - We’re Kaspa

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